Do-it-yourself Compliance

Low-cost Gradual Compliance Process using MaxAccess™ Pro

For Content and Front-end Website Developers

Diagram illustrating how MaxAccess supports the Do-It-Yourself remediation process without human-led accessibility audits which leads to a mostly compliant website.

MaxAccess Pro is an important part of any Remediation program.

Once installed, MaxAccess Pro continually scans the site every 24 hours to produce a detailed WCAG violation report that can be used by your content and web development teams.

MaxAccess Pro uses AI to create Remediation overlays applying them to your website without changing any code on your site. These dynamic changes are compatible with all screenreaders. Content developers can manually override these fixes to refine content before making permanent changes to the website.

Broad Screenreader Support

Screenreader compatibility is essential for disabled users of your website. Some competitive screenreader products interfere with the operation of these screenreaders which can be very frustrating for users. Our offering includes an optional, built-in screenreader for the impaired (or elderly) to assist them with font size, image contrast, and other basic screenreader functions.

Dynamic Design Remediation

Our Dynamic Remediation tool uses AI to create Remediation overlays applying them to your website without changing any code on your site. You can also manually override these fixes with your own refinements. This is great for content developers allowing them to test Remediation fixes before sending them to the web development team to make them permanent.

Ongoing Accessibility Audits

A simple JavaScript tag added to your website will provide automated Audit Analysis tools that constantly analyze and audit your website for all levels of WCAG Compliance. These tools provide you with detailed audit results, references to the WCAG specification, and tips on remediating (fixing) the issue. A must-have for both content and website code developers.

MaxAccess Pro provides many Time-saving Benefits in the Remediation Process

Once MaxAccess is installed on the website, it acts as a remediator, auditor, and guide for your Remediation program

Diagram illustrating how MaxAccess overlays can remediate image and font contrast to make color contrast and font color/size WCAG compliant.

MaxAccess Automatically Remediates your Page Design for Color Contrast and Font Size eliminating the time and expense of a website visual redesign.

One of the most difficult aspects of bringing your website into Compliance is modifying the color contrast for colorblind and low visual acuity users. This requirement usually forces the visual designer to develop the page design using an off-brand color palette.

The built-in Screenreader in MaxAccess dynamically remediates your visual design to meet the WCAG color contrast requirements for images, text, and background colors. No need to drastically modify the visual design, saving time and money in the website Remediation process.

Accessibility and MaxAccess Pro

MaxAccess Pro is your starting point for your accessibility program to become Compliant with applicable accessibility standards:

  • WCAG
  • AODA
  • Section 508
  • EAA / EN 301 548
  • ACA
MaxAccess logo

MaxAccess Pro Starting at just


Perfect for:
Government Agencies
Federal Contractors
Banks and Credit Unions
Hotels and Hospitality
Non-profits or B2C

*Does not include the cost of internal or external website Remediation development costs which can vary widely depending on your website platform, content, and pages. Typical costs range from $5K to $25K to remediate a website. A website front-end redesign may be cost-justified.

MaxAccess Pro Features

  • Install in minutes on Any Website
  • Continuous auditing of website every 24-hrs to maintain Compliance
  • Ability to remediate and test content in overlay with no coding changes
  • Dashboard with customizable Branding options
  • AI-Driven recommendations tied to WCAG Guidelines
  • Integrated Multilingual Screenreader
  • Broad support for popular Screenreaders (NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, etc.)
  • Install Training and Education Included

Customers Using MaxAccess

classic-hotels-logo, a MaxAccess user
LG logo, LG is a MaxAccess user
Hydroxycut is a MaxAccess user
Samsung is a MaxAccess user
XS Sports is a MaxAccess user

No Risk – 14 Day Trial Period- Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Credit Card Required for your MacAccess 14-day Trial

Support and Development Services

Less than 24 hour Response time

Serious Minded Support

Click here for a one-day response to your support questions.

Install Assistance

We offer a series of installation tutorials that will guide you through the install of the MaxAccess Pro on your website.

For a fee of $80, we will assist you with your install of the JavaScript code on most CMS platforms or Google Tag Manager.

Development Services

Our Web/App development company, DPA Software,  supports Remediation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

MaxAccess Pro

There are many things that you can do to add accessibility features to your website to help people with disabilities more easily access your content. These simple solutions, though not fully Compliant, shows that you care about accessibility and are making progress to create equal access. Schedule your consultation and we can find the solution for you.

Yes, please contact us for a discount coupon.

Max Access works on ANY and ALL website platforms. We even offer platform-specific setup instructions.

Though Max Access can achieve 100% Compliance for some websites, there are limitations. And despite some questionable claims from our competitors, there is not a single overlay today that can guarantee 100% Compliance for all websites. There are limitations of what an overlay solution can provide whether they are AI-driven or not. For example, overlays will not update PDF documents and won’t remediate third-party content in iframes. If you need to ensure 100% Compliance we do offer auditing and Certification services. Please contact us for more information.

Max Access will absolutely work for you. The toolbar and Remediation will work just the same as any website. The only exception is that our automated Compliance reports will not run on pages only accessible following a form-fill page or authentication gate. You can run single-page reports on those pages though using Dev Mode.

No Risk – 14 Day Trial Period- Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Credit Card Required for your MacAccess 14-day Trial.

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