About Us

So What is the Web Accessibility Challenge?

Take on the Challenge of making our Websites Accessible

Let’s take steps to make our website accessible for the impaired and disabled. This will require training and new practices for both the content development and web design/development teams.

Recognize the Challenge of producing a ADA Compliant website

Remediating an existing website is not easy, as there are many nuances to the specifications. Consider WCAG Level AA as a baseline requirement in the site design.

Let us introduce ourselves

About Web Accessibility Tools

WebAccessibilityChallenge.com is operated by David Pfeiffer, an experienced UX professional that develops solution strategies for medium-to-large scale websites and mobile app projects.

“Accessiblity is an important part of every website and mobile app project.”

Mission: To build further awareness and adoption for digital accessibility techniques. Our website and marketing campaigns will target the many websites and apps that have not even taken the first step toward accessibility.

We work with multiple web platform developers to support various custom web and Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, EpiServer, Sitecore, Umbraco, Drupal, and others through our software development company DPA Software.

WebAccessibilityChallenge.com has partnered with OnlineADA to provide web-accessible tools and services.

Our Strategic Partner

About Online ADA

Online ADA has been around for 10+ years and is a veteran-own business out of Portland Oregon. OnlineADA provides manual and automated accessibility solutions.

“Get your website or web-based application 100% Compliant and Certified.”

Their flagship product, MaxAccess, and Compliance services ensure that your website and browser-based applications are Compliant with Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 Level AA, according to your business needs. The MaxAccess is easy-to-install with one line of JavaScript code on your website.

OnlineADA has Certified ADA/WCAG audit professionals to review your website using proprietary software to check for Compliance issues. They also have a team of experienced web developers that provide best-practices advice.

What we can offer you


Manage Certification process with OnlineADA strategic partner

Accessibility Consulting

Identify, guide, or direct resources toward successful goal completion

Content Updates for Accessibility

Rework of videos and images for captioning and alt tags

Accessibility Code Remediation

Front-end developers to assist or perform accessibility code updates


Monitor for Compliance issues on a monthly basis or as content is updated

User Experience Assessment

Assess usability of the site to improve customer and employee experience

Choose your Approach

The Likelihood of an Accessibility lawsuit verses various Website Certification/Compliance approaches

  • Approach

  • Selected Program Features

  • Program Costs per year*
  • Certification 0% Risk
  • Level AA Certification with 2 human-led audits/yr**
  • $11-14K 1st yr
    $8.4K ongoing
  • Compliant but not Certified
  • Assisted or DIY Compliance w/ 1 Human-led audit/yr
  • $5.4K/yr, 1 manual audit/yr, MaxAccess accessibility tool
  • DIY Gradual Compliance
  • DIY Level AA Compliance – no Human-led audits
  • $500/yr for MaxAccess Pro accessibility tool

  • Do Nothing
  • Risk Lawsuit
  • Lawsuit demand letter ~$35K settlement, ~$150K if adjudicated in court

*Does not include the cost of internal or external website Remediation development costs which can vary widely depending on your website platform, content, and pages. Typical costs range from $5K to $25K to remediate a website. A website front-end redesign may be cost-justified.

**Indemnification is an optional add-on to this program.

Get Started Today!

We Offer the Lowest Costs and Fastest Compliance services due to our Technology and Processes.

Includes Free Automated Accessibility using our Audit Platform and Free 14 day trial of MaxAccess Pro.