Certification Services

Top Three Reasons for Certifying Your Website

You Need to Reduce your Risk of an Accessibility Lawsuit to Zero!

Optional Indemnification!

Your legal counsel or Compliance department has made it clear that Accessibility Certification is a must-have for your business website(s). You may have many websites to bring into Compliance as well. But a quick look at some of the accessibility vendors in the market reveals substantial first year and ongoing Compliance and Certification fees.

You just received an Accessibility Lawsuit Demand Letter!

No time to waste, let’s see if we can mitigate the lawsuit!

You have just received an Accessibility Demand letter! If you act quickly, there is a chance you can get the lawsuit dismissed or at least mitigate the effect of the lawsuit through a good faith effort to get your website(s) Compliant with WCAG Level AA. It will take a concentrated effort.

Your website must be Certified to meet a contractual requirement

Let’s get it done so you can win the contract!

You would like to bid on a contract that has an ADA Certification requirement, but your websites are not Compliant or Certified! We can assist you to create Compliant or even fully Certified websites in a time frame that is faster and less expensive than our competitors.

With your assistance, we can get you Certified in as little as 3 months

Our technology and know-how allows us to serve you with the best prices and fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Hover-over the items below to see our Certification Process

  • 1. Situation Discovery Call

    Establish needs and goals - 30 - 60 minutes

    A 30 to 60 minute call to determine your situation, goals, and a quick audit of your website.

  • 2. Proposal Review

    Meeting to discuss proposed solution strategy - 60 mins

    A discussion of our recommendations and strategic approach to meeting your website accessibility goals.

  • 3. Execute Accessibility Program

    Bringing website into WCAG AA Compliance

    Plan and Execute the solution strategy with the content and development teams.

  • 4. Certification

    Final Audit of Compliant Website

    The final Certification audit and adding of Certification statement to the website.

  • 5. Periodic Assessment

    Compliance Maintenance

    Maintain Compliance through automated monthly reviews of new page content and 2 manual audits per year.

The Two Major Cost Components of Certification

We Offer the Lowest Costs and Fastest Certification Turn-around Times in the Industry due to our Technology and Processes

  • Audits and Certification
  • Selected Program Features

  • Initial Cost per year

  • Ongoing Costs per year
  • Audits and Certification
  • Level AA Certification with human-led audits and AI-driven Audit / Remediation Tools**
  • $11-14K for audits and guidance to bring website into Compliance / Certification*.
  • $8.4K ongoing to maintain Compliance w/ MaxAccess and two audits/yr
  • Content and Website Code Remediation
  • Content and Code Remediation performed by internal or external resources.
  • Typically $5-25K inital costs depending on web platform and the amount of content/pages.
  • Ongoing cost to bring new content and pages into Compliance.

*Includes Litigation Support, Monthy Compliance Reports, and a MaxAccess license. An indemnification option is available.

Customers that have used our Certification Services

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We Offer the Lowest Costs and Fastest Certification Turn-around Times in the Industry due to our Technology and Processes.

Includes Free Automated Accessibility using our Audit Platform and Free 14 day trial of MaxAccess Pro.

What we do

Accessibility Consulting

Site Audit and Compliance Strategy


Manage Certification process with OnlineADA strategic partner

Accessibility Code and Content Remediation

Front-end developers to assist or perform accessibility code updates.

Accessibility Project Management and Monitoring

Guide/direct resources toward successful goal completion and maintain Compliance.

Certification Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The Domino case in the Supreme Court made it clear all websites in the public domain need to be Compliant or they are susceptible to lawsuits based on Title III of the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Through existing U.S. federal regulations, all federal government agencies and anyone receiving federal funding is required to be Compliant. This includes state and local governments, non-profits, and federal contractors.

There are many guidelines and regulations around the world that govern digital accessibility. Here are the major ones.

Title III of the ADA:
This legislation basically says that all organizations working with the public need to be equally accessible by all people.

Section 508 of the American Rehabilitation Act of 1973:
This governs accessibility requirements for digital communications with the federal government. This was “refreshed” in 2019.

Federal Acquisition Regulations
The government has put all federal contractors on notice that the next release of the FAR will require them to be digitally accessible.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), these guidelines establish best practices for meeting digital accessibility requirements.

WCAG Level A is the lowest level of Compliance, Level AAA, the highest. Level AA is the typical target for public websites as recognized by legal precedent.

See our Resources page for Content and Developer WCAG training materials.

Getting your website updated, fully Compliant, and Certified is the best way to limit risk of litigation of all types related to digital accessibility.

There are many things that you can do to be to add accessibility features to your website to help people with disabilities more easily access your content. These simple solutions, though not fully Compliant, show that you care about accessibility and are making progress to create equal access. Schedule your consultation and we can find the solution for you.

We should have your audit results in about 3 business days. If you haven’t already, you can go here to schedule your consultation where we can go over the results with you.

Website Remediation is the process of bringing your website content and website code into Compliance with WCAG Level AA.

See our Resources page for Content and Developer WCAG training materials

The typical cost of a Certification program is $11-14K for the first year and then $8-9K ongoing.

Does not include the cost of content and development website Remediation which can vary widely depending on your website platform and the number of pages, videos, etc. Typical costs range from $5K to $25K. A complete website front-end redesign may be cost-justified.

We can audit your site, resolve any issues with it, and get your website Certified or Compliant. Doing so doesn’t need to be a burden to your internal team and we can manage a majority of these tasks on your behalf.

We will audit your site, then train and provide advice to your content and web development team. These costs are dependent on your needs and other factors.

See our Resources page for Content and Developer WCAG training materials.

MaxAccess Pro is an important part of any Remediation program.

Once installed, MaxAccess Pro continually scans the site every 24 hours to produce a detailed WCAG violation report that can be used by your content and web development teams.

MaxAccess Pro uses AI to create Remediation overlays applying them to your website without changing any code on your site. These dynamic changes are compatible with all screen readers. Content developers can manually override these fixes to refine content before making permanent changes to the website.

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Includes Free Automated Accessibility using our Audit Platform and Free 14 day trial of MaxAccess Pro.